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PLR rules when used right – let me show you how!






Keep the headline short, precise, relevant and most importantly grab the attention of your visitors.

If you can, and if it makes sense, you may want to try and fit in your primary keyword, but don’t stuff or force them.



DIY PLR 70% Sale

DIY PLR is doing its last 2015 private label rights products sale now. Get up to 70% Off of Any of These PLR Titles: Banish Stress From Your Life Fad Diet Plans Exposed Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People Guide to Healthy Oils and Fats Healthy F Read More…

50% Off Private Label Rights Sale

Stock up on your plr products with this half off (50%) on Content Shortcuts. Total purchase is half price for the duration of 36 hours and ends on December 22, 2015 at 11.59pm EST.  Niche markets private label rights packs and articles in the follo Read More…

One Dollar PLR Sale By Tiffany Lambert

Tiffany Lambert is at it again! She is doing her popular $1 PLR Sale for one week only. Go here now for more information: Tiffany Lambert PLR. The sale will last from December 01 to 07, 2015. Get your private label rights articles, packs, reports an Read More…

Is PLR or Private Label Rights Dead?

  Is plr or private label rights dead? The answer is no. PLR is not dead and and it still works. It still has a bad reputation attached to it due to the few bad users that didn’t use it in its true purpose and most especially when it wa Read More…

PLR Mastery Blog Free Download1: Finding Reliable PLR Providers

Here is a another plr mastery blog free download find: Finding Reliable Plr Providers from  reliable plr provider and supplier – Alice Seba of Contentrix.com This free guide covers: Problems you might encounter when looking for PLR Recognizin Read More…

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